It is important to protect the investment of your artificial grass, Our grass is designed to resist both wear and exposure to the elements. The effectiveness of their materials, design, and construction is demonstrated by the long life under heavy use in many different climates. There are some easy maintenance tips you can follow to keep your artificial grass lawn looking beautiful.

For the best looking lawns, follow these easy maintenance tips:
• Keep the synthetic lawn and close adjacent areas clean and free of litter, mud, and debris.
• Prohibit smoking and carrying food or drink onto the synthetic lawn.
• Repair minor damage promptly.
• Follow suggested maintenance and cleaning procedures.
• Contact your Southwest Greens representative for assistance with repairs, renovation work, or any further technical details.

Protect your the artificial grass lawn from:
• Vehicle traffic
• Heavy static loads
• Fireworks
• Storage of materials such as drums, lumber, equipment, etc.
• Open flames, welding, etc.
• Use of wire brushes in any form
• Use of cleaning equipment, materials, and methods not authorized by Southwest Greens
• High-pressure water sprays exceeding 500 PSI
• Vehicles with non-pneumatic tires
• Introduction of infills or impregnated layers other than supplied or authorized by Southwest Greens.
• Avoid traffic from bikes, skateboards, lawn mowers, etc.


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